Reserve Fund Study Service




Reserve Fund Study Service



BUSTAMANTE ENGINEERS, INC. provides a unique service to Community Associations from Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Montgomery Counties to New Jersey and Delaware. Our hands on approach and thoroughness have proven time after time to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. Whether it is a 20 story high rise building in Center City, or a 500 unit planned residential community in the suburbs these condominium or town home communities repeatedly return to us for guidance and expertise. There are no boundaries to what our team of professionals can provide.


Each study we prepare acts as a comprehensive budget tool for the betterment of the community. We will create and preserve consistent funding options to assist in the future capital expenditures. With continuous effort and professionalism, it is not to our surprise we have received many thanks and gratitude. Our clients count on us to answer questions before and many years after the study is submitted.


Each Capital Reserve Fund Study will Include Three Phases:

Physical Analysis:

An inspection of the community focusing on the common area components. The common area components are compiled through the Association documents and approved by the Board of Directors. We encourage an onsite meeting with the Community Manager and Board Members so that we can focus on the needs and concerns of the community.

Reserve Analysis:

Input the current financial balances and contributions, determine a reasonable rate of return on investments and rate of inflation, applying either a 20 or 30 year basis period, then quantify and estimate the components cost, remaining useful and expected lives, all into one spreadsheet. We offer reserve fund alternatives, all full funding with threshold methods. Our program has much flexibility to meet the needs of the unique situation of any Association.

Meeting Participation:

We find that just giving the data collected to an Association does not always give them the full picture the report communicates. We prefer to present the Reserve Fund report to the Board of Directors. Because we feel strongly this is the final step in the process, and this is usually included in our fee.

We Offer a Unique Service - Two Types of Capital Reserve Studies:


A Reserve Study that not only provides a thorough review of the common area elements but also an easy to read narrative report along with the reserve fund analysis.


This study couples the comprehensive study along with specifics on how the Association can prolong the useful lives of the common area components. More detailed and in-depth analysis of each component will assist the community in their overall management of the community. With timely key inspections and preventative maintenance tips, this approach could ward off sudden expenditures and avoid unnecessary expenses and hardship to the community. The Premier Reserve study is for the Association that believes its members are worth investing in the most detailed and informed planning for long term fiscal decisions.


With every project, whether small or large, old or new, a licensed engineer will be in charge of the capital reserve fund study. The principal engineer retains a “Reserve Specialist” designation from CAI (Community Association Institute). The RS designation is awarded to qualified reserve specialists who, through years of specialized experience, can help ensure that community associations prepare their reserve budget as accurately as possible. RS designees must meet comprehensive requirements. Our company also supports the CAI over the years by serving on boards, volunteering and sponsoring events. For 2015 we are a Platinum Sponsor giving support for many events CAI plans. This commitment is not only to property managers but also the Board of Directors who run their communities. We are proud to be a member of CAI.