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Commercial Building Inspections Pennsylvania



No building is alike nor is the service to help preserve the building alike. The engineers at BUSTAMANTE ENGINEERS INC, which has Certified Building Inspection Engineers on staff, will provide the know how and experience to assist each building owner, seller or purchaser in their building preservation.


No building owner shall be left in a bind when it comes to being proactive and the maintenance and repair of their valuable asset, or reactive when a building owner discovers a possible building issue.


BUSTAMANTE ENGINEERS INC is skilled in the areas of providing inspection services including Property Condition and Phase I Environmental Assessments. All of the building components are considered including the HVAC, MEP, as well as the structural, exterior, roofing and site.


For the design services that we provide, if your building is old and needs structural care, please call us. If the HVAC equipment conked out, please call us. If your parking lot needs expansion, please call us. At BUSTAMANTE ENGINEERS INC., we can handle most building related design services.


Our approach to our engineering services for every assignment is unmatched, intelligent and all with foresight.


Property Condition Assessments/inspections or due diligence inspections will reveal short and long term issues with a property and help with future capital needs. We adhere to the ASTM E2108 (link to standard) standard which is often appropriate to complete due diligence in a real estate transaction.


Phase I Environmental Inspections are crucial for assessing whether environmental liabilities are associated with a property. Did you know that if a commercial property is purchased without knowledge of existing environmental hazards, the new owner is still liable for remedying the environmental hazards that exist on that property? By having a Phase I Environmental site assessment you can make an informed purchase.


Further, we can design and prepare specifications including construction monitoring. A small specification is a document that is prepared by our engineer that gives direction to contractors for bidding on projects such as roofing, paving, flat work, fa├žade etc. Contract documents are typically included. This process allows for the client to have confidence that quality materials are utilized for applicability to construction or industry standards. Also the client is able to review those bids as “apples to apples”; allowing the client to look at pricing on the same materials and labor rates.


A building owner may not have the time or resources to make sure a capital needs project is delivered on time and within budget. BUSTAMANTE ENGINEERS INC can also provide Construction Monitoring services. In this phase our engineers and technicians will be onsite to review the project on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis for compliance with the specifications, to quickly resolve issues uncovered and to review invoices against the project providing the client with an assurance that the contractor is in compliance.


As a Certified Building Inspection Engineer (link to BIECI website) we can help you create a water tight, safe environment for your home or business. Our structural engineers can review a building to determine if there are structural issues (foundation/floor system) and the appropriate steps to remedy the issue. We also can review a property with fire/flood damage, fallen trees, cut trusses, foundation cracking or movement, wood destroying insect damage, etc.


Litigation support or expert witness testimony is an area that Bustamante Engineers, Inc. has been utilized by homeowners, insurance companies, Community Associations and attorneys for many years in many situations. See Latest News for recognition we have received in this area.